Revamp your living room space with Juvas Lights

Buying a new house or renovating? We all know how tedious a task it is to make an old space look fresh as new, and we’ve got just the right tips for you to revamp your old space or create a new one.

What to do for an urban setting :

If your house is based more on the white colour scheme, very bright lights won’t work. White walls and wallpapers already make your space look bigger than it already is. In case you are looking for the correct kind of lights for your mostly-white based living room, opt for warm LED lights.

● It gives your living room a cosy ambience
● Perfect for movie nights
● Sleepovers and casual get-togethers

In case of a darker room colour, your lighting or LED options have to change a bit.

● Opt for brighter and higher watt ranges for your recessed panels
● Make sure that you declutter your space because it becomes quite a problem with darker colour schemes and smaller spaces.
● Do not crowd your living room by overdoing the decor.
● Keep it simple, yet stunning.

For earthy tones:

It is understandable that there is a growing niche of individuals who prefer to set up their living rooms with more neutral and earthy tones. Juvas has a solution for that too.

● Browns, dark olive, and beige are mostly the colour schemes in these spaces.
● Juvas’ 18 watt recessed watt bulbs are going to be an ideal match for your living room space if you want to adorn it with lamps that go with your overall colour theme.

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