Switch to smart saving with JUVAS ceiling fan

When we talk about saving energy, most of us overlook ceiling fans. All we see are big appliances such as water heaters, air conditioners, or room heaters that pile up the electricity bills. Ceiling fans are all-weather appliances that keep running throughout the day and even at night. For years, ceiling fans came with typical hardware that consumes 70-80 watts of energy in a day. But with the advancement of technology ceiling fans are introduced that consume less power.

Energy-efficient ceiling fans from JUVAS deliver high performance and consume less energy. These fans are equipped with new technology that uses permanent magnets to function and consume far less electricity.

Today, we bring you essential features that explain why you should switch to JUVAS fans.

1. Energy Efficient & Low Voltage Days of ordinary fans are gone because JUVAS has launched the most premium and energy-efficient fan which deliver superior performance. The technology of JUVAS fan helps to reduce 50% of energy consumption. It also has a high-speed revolution which means you’ll get amazing air delivery to every corner of your room.
2. Improved Efficiency
If you are looking for a fan with improved efficiency, you should go for our different variety of fan . This super silent ceiling fan saves 50% more energy with new technology. In addition,JUVAS fan is equipped with a safety wire that prevents the fan from falling in case of improper installation.
3. Contribution to A Sustainable Environment

• Small efforts are essential to reduce carbon switching to our ceiling fan will save more than 50% on your electricity bill. Fan of JUVAS has comes with technology which has low energy consumption

• Competitive Market Price
Budget is the crucial deciding factor when it comes to buying ceiling fans. The JUVAS fan come with affordable price. This ceiling fan has an elegant and solid finish that gives a classic look to your bedroom.

• Star Rating
JUVAS fans come with star rating. This rating is used as a parameter for energy saving. The higher the ratings, the more energy your ceiling fan saves. With a 5 Star rating, our fan reduces up to 50% of your overall electricity consumption.

When choosing the ideal ceiling fan, you need to pick the fan with the best blade span and Technology. JUVAS ceiling fans come with various features and colors, and sizes. JUVAS fans will provide the same air delivery and comfort even at voltage fluctuations.

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